Online training is here to stay.

My exercise programs are individually designed to each individual health status. Home and gym versions according preference and accessibility.

Exercise for longevity

Monthly online programs provides you 2 strength training sessions per week designed to help increase strength and conditioning in a safe but fun way.

-exercise demos

-walkthrough videos

-private access for q&a’s


We will be beginners at something always. Let my method help you meet your wellbeing, training and lifestyle goals with physical activity in a sustainable, evidence-based way.

-professional high-quality guidance

-unlimited email support

-bi-weekly check-ins

-customized fitness programs


I am committed to facilitate exercise strategies for all. I recognize we cannot value what we do not know, therefore self-paced modules is an alternative when contemplating a new lifestyle of healthy movement at an introductory level.

-instructional videos

-exercise demos

-2 training templates programs

-Bonus healthy eating section

Physical activity promotes optimal health and is integral in the prevention and treatment of many medical conditions..

American College of Sports Medicine

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