Every road needs a map.

Sedentary behavior is associated with a greater risk for all-cause mortality. Engaging in exercise will provide the vigor you are missing in your life.

As technology evolves we can overcome distance. Telehealth is now available for individualized exercise program you can enjoy at your convenience. 


One-on-one Virtual Consultation and Introductory Exercise Strategic Plan

Includes: -One-on-one Telehealth session, and -2-week Exercise program individually develop for your current health status and goal


Instructions to redeem your spot and exercise plan:

  1. Make the decision to invest in your long-term health.
  2. Pay the Telehealth session to book your appointment. Contact info@anaismasih.com for additional payment sources.
  3. As soon as payment is registered you will receive preparatory questionnaires you must fulfill and return after paying for the Professional Service.
  4. Coordinating appointment. Once health questionnaires are submitted, you will receive office hours availability so you can pick your spot. They will be filled according order of receipt. 
  5. Assist to your session. What happens if you do not fulfill health questionnaires, cancel appointment or you just do not attend? Reprogramming appointment penalty of $18 USD is required. 
  6. What to expect after your Telehealth session? The 2-week Exercise Plan will be developed and delivered. After your introductory experience you will be able to register in the Exercise Program that fits your need according goal.